TSX Toronto Stock Exchange 1339540

first_img TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) 13.395.40 13,440.61 12,202.85 Gold Producers (GDX) 22.28 25.78 48.04 Copper 3.19 3.28 3.59 Gold 1,252.10 1,345.50 1,729.50 Rock & Stock Stats Last Dear Reader, We’ve focused a great deal on gold over the years, and we’ve taken a lot of heat in the last two, during which the price of gold has dropped by a third. Are we fanatics refusing to face reality, or are we doing the right thing, staying the course through thick and thin? BIG GOLD’s Jeff Clark has a well-reasoned answer for us below. I hope all our readers take his message to heart. Sincerely, Silver Stocks (SIL) 11.65 13.32 23.03 Silver 20.03 22.49 34.35last_img

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