Snapchat might be working on AR glasses

first_imgToday, Snapchat’s cutesy ghost icon appears on more than 14 billion smartphones and tablets. Tomorrow, you might see it on a pair of high-tech glasses.Back in the spring, CNet published a post that kicked off that speculation. The company had gone on a bit of a hiring spree and by March had at least 12 employees with significant experience building  wearables. Fast forward to today and Snapchat is now a member of the Bluetooth SIG.That seems like an odd move for a company that doesn’t have any skin in the hardware game, but Snapchat definitely does. Two years ago they bought Vergence Labs, a company that produced glasses with built-in cameras. They were called Epiphany Eyewear, and while some reports call them Google Glass-like, they were really just made to record POV video.Vergence even set up a website where Epiphany wearers could share their videos. Once they were acquired by Snapchat, that wasn’t really necessary any more. Makes sense, right?Simply signing on with the Bluetooth SIG doesn’t necessarily Snapchat is building augmented reality glasses, though. Upgraded Epiphany Eyewear with Bluetooth connectivity would allow wearers to stream video and capture pictures images directly into Snapchat without dramatically bulking up the glasses.What has people talking is a report about another round of hirings. This time, Snapchat hired on a key member of the Google Glass team and they’re actively seeking a computer vision expert and a top-notch 3D designer… both of which could contribute to an AR hardware project in a big way.last_img

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