Mobile application can play a gamechanger role in fight against coronavirus

first_imgThe mobile application industry is witnessing a sudden upsurge in the growth, with 204 Bn downloads and $120 Bn in customer spending in the year 2019, source App Annie’s annual report. Users are now spending nearly 4 hours per day using apps, rivaling TV. Apps are the best way to spend idle hours. In 2019, mobile-first companies had a consolidated $544 billion valuation, which is 6.5x more eminent than those without a mobile focus.The coronavirus outbreak is changing the world of mobile applications, including Apple and Google’s, both are jointly looking forward to developing the application on contact tracing platform thereby planning to create a decentralized tracking mechanism to help an individual to determine if they’ve been exposed to anyone with COVID-19. In the initial phase, API will be developed for public healthcare agencies that can be easily integrated with their own apps. After that system-level contact tracking system will be designed to works across iOS and Android. The system will include broadcasting an anonymous ID over Bluetooth. The servers will transfer your last 14 days of exchanging IDs with other devices that look for a match based on time spent and distance between two devices which was carrier by any infected or COVID -19 exposed individual. If a match is found, you will be notified that you have been exposed to COVid 19 infected/exposed individuals and suggest self-quarantine. The APIs system is expected to launch in May 2020, while the Bluetooth-based system will be available in the subsequent month.In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian state and central governments have also taken initiatives to release various mobile apps to serve the following purposes:Ensure quarantine rulesProvide information about symptoms about COVIDUpdates about the outbreak in the area for declaring hotspot Tracing individual which are at-risk casesTracing contact history with COVID infected/exposed persons.A preliminary review of the apps conducted based on openly accessible information for such an app listed by government orders raises two major concerns: Technical glitches and usability issues that prevent users and the rest of the public healthcare agency from meaningfully utilization. Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MietY) and Niti Aayog have developed Corona Kavach and CoWin-20, respectively and shared with selective people to get feedback to rectify and weed out the bugs present in the application. Recently, the Government of India has launched the Aarogya Setu app that’s aimed to connect health services with the people to fight the COVID-19 outbreak it provides the information regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories about the containment of COVID-19. Currently, there are 13 applications developed by the different state governments to fight with COIVD-19 but all are still in beta version.India’s tech ecosystem has bestowed its capability to solve real-time problems in tough times. And especially in this pandemic situation, some of India’s brightest entrepreneurs have united to create a unique solution to fight with COVID-19 through mobile app development, This app will use location tracking to monitor the movement of the people who have been advised to be under self-quarantine or those have tested positive.The application has been developed to identify and geo-fence specific areas around individual placed under quarantine. Those under quarantine have to download the application on their mobile phones. “Each quarantined user will be Geo-fenced within a 30-50 meter radius of his place and also needs to upload a selfie every hour. The system will match their quarantined location and the location of the uploaded selfie,”If the user breaches the geo-fence, the administration will get an alert and the user will get a notification message.Similarly, many other applications like “GoCoronaGo”, “Sampark-o-Meter” have been developed by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and four Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), and “T COVID 19” developed by Hyderabad-based startup Quantela with collaboration with AWS and Cisco.An interesting application is also developed by Manta Softech, mTracker it’s a standalone mobile app that can be provided to those who are lower-risk cases. Such individuals can be monitored through the app and their live location can be tracked. For those who are higher risk suspects, the app can be connected with Bluetooth/QR enabled wearables/bracelets which have the Geo-location facility. Suspects wearing the bracelets can be constantly monitored, alerts will be sent to authorities if a person tries to remove the bracelet and can be tracked live to stop the spread of the disease.In this time technology (apps) seems to be a big hope and can act as a strong mediator between govt and people in order to fully eradicate corona provided people lend full support in adopting the apps after all ‘the world for he who is alive’.last_img read more