A Hot Seller from Discovery Institute Press, New Book Offers Intelligent Design “In a Nutshell”

first_imgRequesting a (Partial) Retraction from Darrel Falk and BioLogos Jane Goodall Meets the God Hypothesis Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell is the new book from Discovery Institute Press. It was just published yesterday and it’s already Amazon’s #1 and #2 new releases in cosmology, respectively in its paperback and Kindle editions.On a new episode of ID the Future, host Rob Crowther interviews co-author Dr. Thomas Y. Lo. The genesis of the slim and accessible Nutshell book was at a Discovery Institute Summer Seminar. Lo talked with professors and students about the idea of a concise, easy-to-understand guide to evolution and design. Before long he was joined by four others, including two PhD biologists. The resulting book covers everything from cosmology and the origin of life to irreducibly complex biological marvels. Download the podcast or listen to it here.The final chapter focuses on the mystery of the Cambrian explosion and the extraordinary Cambrian fossils of Chengjiang, China, including a firsthand account of one of the early trips there by Western scientists. That personal account is provided by one of Lo’s co-authors, University of San Francisco marine biologist Paul Chien, whom you’ll recognize from the Illustra Media documentary Darwin’s Dilemma and from Stephen Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt.Get your copy of Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell now. It’s perfect for students and adult learners alike!Photo credit: A walnut nutshell, by NordWood Themes on Unsplash. Origin of Life: Brian Miller Distills a Debate Between Dave Farina and James Tour Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share TagsAmazonbiologistsCambrian fossilsChengjiangChinacosmologyDarwin’s DilemmaDarwin’s DoubtDiscovery InstituteDiscovery Institute PressevolutionEvolution and Intelligent Design in a NutshellIllustra Mediaintelligent designIrreducible ComplexityKindlemarine biologistspaperbackPaul ChienStephen MeyerSummer SeminarsThomas Y. LoUniversity of San Francisco,Trending Evolution NewsEvolution News & Science Today (EN) provides original reporting and analysis about evolution, neuroscience, bioethics, intelligent design and other science-related issues, including breaking news about scientific research. It also covers the impact of science on culture and conflicts over free speech and academic freedom in science. Finally, it fact-checks and critiques media coverage of scientific issues. Share Congratulations to Science Magazine for an Honest Portrayal of Darwin’s Descent of Man A Physician Describes How Behe Changed His MindLife’s Origin — A “Mystery” Made AccessibleCodes Are Not Products of PhysicsIxnay on the Ambriancay PlosionexhayDesign Triangulation: My Thanksgiving Gift to All Email Print Google+ Linkedin Twitter Share Intelligent Design A Hot Seller from Discovery Institute Press, New Book Offers Intelligent Design “In a Nutshell”Evolution News @DiscoveryCSCMay 20, 2020, 1:39 PM Recommended “A Summary of the Evidence for Intelligent Design”: The Study Guidelast_img read more