Record Your Own Voice Directions With Waze

first_img Finally, a use for your friend’s impeccable Matthew McConaughey impression.Navigation app Waze last week introduced a voice recorder feature, allowing users to personalize their mobile directions.The update, currently available only for Android users, encourages folks to “record your own voice directions to guide you on the road.”And while most people hate the sound of their voice, listening to a significant other or your cute children tell you when to turn right or make a U-turn could be a really fulfilling experience.Simply navigate to the app’s settings, tap “Sound & Voice,” and start recording all 39 Waze phrases, including “All set, let’s go!” Any instructions you don’t record will default to the program’s regular robotic voice.The new gimmick lets motorists customize their commute—listening to loved ones (or celebrity voices, for those with too much free time) instruct them away from traffic jams or toward the nearest gas station.Or, as Lifehacker pointed out, it may be useful in areas where the app’s default voice commands are not localized.But the feature should also come with a warning label: Beware of possible shenanigans.An open platform for pranksters, there are no security measures stopping someone from covertly recording “turn left” instead of “turn right,” or saving directions in the voice of Christopher Walken (“re…cal-cu-lAting”), Robert DeNiro, or Nicholas Cage.Waze is no stranger to publicity stunts: In February 2016, the crowd-sourced traffic and navigation service teamed up with the voice of God himself, Morgan Freeman, to record the app’s turn-by-turn directions.Previously, the Google-owned company partnered with other big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, comedians Stephen Colbert and Kevin Hart, and C3PO. Freeman was, however, “far and away” one of the most-requested voices of all time.There is no word on whether the function will eventually roll out to iOS users. Stay on target Google Maps’ AR Navigation Rolls Out to More DevicesBluetooth Direction Finding Is Like Super-Precise GPS for Connected Things last_img read more