Amendments to the probate rules

first_imgAmendments to the probate rules Rule History1977 – 2012 Revisions: [No Change] < p>2016 Revision: Updated statutory references. Committee notes revised. < p>Statutory References < p>§ 393.12, Fla. Stat. Capacity; appointment of guardian advocate. < p>§ 744.102(8), (9), Fla. Stat. Definitions. < p>§ 744.201744.1096, Fla. Stat. Domicile of ward. < p>§ 744.202744.1097, Fla. Stat. Venue. < p>§ 744.2025744.1098, Fla. Stat. Change of ward’s residence. < p>§ 744.524, Fla. Stat. Termination of guardianship on change of domicile of resident ward. < p>§ 744.531, Fla. Stat. Order of discharge. < p>Rule References < p>[No Change] < p>RULE 5.710. REPORTS OF PUBLIC GUARDIAN < p>The public guardian, as the guardian of a ward, shall file: < p>(a) – (b) [No Change] < p>(c) a report within 6 months of his or her appointment as guardian of a ward, which shall also be filed with the executive director of the Statewide Public Guardianship Office of Public and Professional Guardians, stating: < p>(1) – (2) [No Change] < p>(d) an annual report, filed with the Statewide Public Guardianship Office of Public and Professional Guardians, by September 1 for the preceding fiscal year, on the operations of the office of public guardian; and < p>(e) a report of an independent audit by a qualified certified public accountant, to be filed with the Statewide Public Guardianship Office of Public and Professional Guardians every 2 years. Committee Notes 744.1097(3) The standby guardian must file an oath pursuant to rule 5.600 before commencing the exercise of authority as guardian. Prior to appointment, the standby guardian must file an application pursuant to rule 5.590.Section 393.12(10), Florida Statutes, provides that a guardian advocate shall have all of the duties, responsibilities, and powers of a guardian under Chapter 744, Florida Statutes. However, section 744.304 authorizes the appointment of a standby guardian only for a minor or incapacitated person. < p>Rule History < p>2006 – 2014 Revisions: [No Change] < p>2016 Revision: Subdivision (c)(1)(H) amended to reflect the renumbering of section 744.1083 to section 744.2002, Florida Statutes. Committee notes revised. < p>Statutory Reference < p>[No Change] < p>Rule References < p>[No Change] < p>RULE 5.648. EMERGENCY TEMPORARY GUARDIAN < p> [No Change] IN THE SUPREME COURT OF FLORIDA Amendments to the probate rulesThe Florida Supreme Court recently adopted amendments to the Florida Probate Rules, as proposed by The Florida Bar’s Probate Rules Committee in an out-of-cycle fast-track report. See In re Amends. to the Fla. Probate Rules, No. SC16-1454 (Fla. September 15, 2016). The amendments are in response to recent legislation, adopted by the legislature in chapter 2016-40, sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, and 14, Laws of Florida. The court invites all interested persons to comment on the amendments, which are reproduced in full below, as well as online at. All comments must be filed with the court on or before November 14, with a certificate of service verifying that a copy has been served on the committee co-chairs, Michael Travis Hayes, 3033 Riviera Drive, Suite 104, Naples 34103-2746, [email protected], and Jon Scuderi, 745 12th Avenue, Suite 101, Naples 34102-7376, [email protected], and on the Bar staff liaison to the committee, Heather Telfer, 651 E. Jefferson Street, Tallahassee 32399-2300, [email protected], as well as a separate request for oral argument if the person filing the comment wishes to participate in oral argument which may be scheduled in this case. The co-chairs have until December 5 to file a response to any comments filed with the court. If filed by an attorney in good standing with The Florida Bar, the comment must be electronically filed via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal in accordance with In re Electronic Filing in the Supreme Court of Florida via the Florida Courts E-Filing Portal, Fla. Admin. Order No. AOSC13-7 (Feb. 18, 2013). If filed by a nonlawyer or a lawyer not licensed to practice in Florida, the comment must be electronically filed via e-mail in accordance with In re Mandatory Submission of Electronic Copies of Documents, Fla. Admin. Order No. AOSC04-84 (Sept. 13, 2004). Electronically filed documents must be submitted in Microsoft Word 97 or higher. Any person unable to submit a comment electronically must mail or hand deliver the originally signed comment to the Florida Supreme Court, Office of the Clerk, 500 South Duval Street, Tallahassee 32399-1927; no additional copies are required or will be accepted. Committee Notes 744.202(3) [No Change] Committee Notes , CASE NO. SC16-1454RULE 5.050. TRANSFER OF PROCEEDINGScenter_img Committee Notes Rule History1975 – 2014 Revisions: [No Change] < p>2016 Revision: Subdivision (a)(9) revised to require the disclosure of whether there are possible alternatives to guardianship known to the petitioner. Committee notes revised. < p>2016 Revision: Subdivision (a)(10) amended to reflect the renumbering of the statute from section 744.1083 to section 744.2002, Florida Statutes. Committee notes revised to update statutory references. < p>Statutory References < p>§ 744.1083744.2002, Fla. Stat. Professional guardian registration. < p>§ 744.309, Fla. Stat. Who may be appointed guardian of a resident ward. < p>§ 744.3115, Fla. Stat. Advance directives for health care. < p>§ 744.312, Fla. Stat. Considerations in appointment of guardian. < p>§ 744.3201, Fla. Stat. Petition to determine incapacity. < p>§ 744.331, Fla. Stat. Procedures to determine incapacity. < p>§ 744.334, Fla. Stat. Petition for appointment of guardian or professional guardian; contents. < p>§ 744.3371(1), Fla. Stat. Notice of petition for appointment of guardian and hearing. < p>§ 744.341, Fla. Stat. Voluntary guardianship. < p>§ 744.344744.2005, Fla. Stat. Order of appointment. < p>§ 744.462, Fla. Stat. Determination regarding alternatives to guardianship. < p>§ 744.703744.2006, Fla. Stat. Office of public guardian; appointment, notification. < p>§ 765.102, Fla. Stat. Legislative intent and findings. < p>Rule References < p>[No Change] < p>RULE 5.646. STANDBY GUARDIANS < p>(a) – (b) [No Change] < p>(c) Petition for Confirmation. < p>(1) Contents. A standby guardian, not later than 20 days after the assumption of duties as guardian, shall petition for confirmation of appointment. The petition shall be verified by the petitioner and shall state: < p>(A) – (G) [No Change] < p>(H) if the proposed guardian is a professional guardian, a statement that the proposed guardian has complied with the educational requirements of section 744.1083744.2002, Florida Statutes. < p>(2) [No Change] , Florida Statutes.Rule History < p>1975 – 2008 Revisions: [No Change] < p>2016 Revision: Committee notes revised to reflect renumbering of section 744.202(3) to section 744.1097(3), Florida Statutes. Updated statutory references. < p>Statutory References < p>ch. 47, Fla. Stat. Venue. < p>§ 393.12, Fla. Stat. Capacity; appointment of guardian advocate. < p>§ 733.101, Fla. Stat. Venue of probate proceedings. < p>§ 744.106, Fla. Stat. Notice. < p>§ 744.201744.1096, Fla. Stat. Domicile of ward. < p>§ 744.202744.1097, Fla. Stat. Venue. < p>§ 744.2025744.1098, Fla. Stat. Change of ward’s residence. < p>§ 744.306, Fla. Stat. Foreign guardians. < p>§ 744.3085, Fla. Stat. Guardian advocates. < p>§ 744.3201, Fla. Stat. Petition to determine incapacity. < p>Rule References < p>[No Change] < p>RULE 5.560. PETITION FOR APPOINTMENT OF GUARDIAN OF AN INCAPACITATED PERSON < p>(a) Contents. The petition shall be verified by the petitioner and shall state: < p>(1) – (9) [No Change] < p>(10) if the proposed guardian is a professional guardian, a statement that the proposed guardian has complied with the registration requirements of section 744.1083744.2002, Florida Statutes. < p>(b) – (c) [No Change] Rule History2007 – 2015 Revisions: [No Change] < p>2016 Revision: Committee notes revised to reflect renumbering of section 744.344(4) to section 744.2005, Florida Statutes. Updated statutory references. < p>Statutory References < p>§ 744.3031, Fla. Stat. Emergency temporary guardianship. < p>§ 744.344(4)744.2005, Fla. Stat. Order of appointment. < p>Rule References < p>[No Change] < p>RULE 5.670. TERMINATION OF GUARDIANSHIP ON CHANGE OF DOMICILE OF RESIDENT WARD < p> [No Change] Committee Notes Subdivision (b) of this rule represents a rule implementation of the procedure found in section IN RE: AMENDMENTS TO THE FLORIDA PROBATE RULES Rule History1987 – 2010 Revisions: [No Change] < p>2016 Revision: Subdivisions (c), (d), and (e) amended to reflect the name change of the agency to the Office of Public and Professional Guardians. Committee notes revised to reflect the repeal of Part IX of Chapter 744, Florida Statutes. < p>Statutory Reference < p>§§ 744.701-744.709744.2001–744.2109, Fla. Stat. Public Guardianship Act. < p>Rule Reference < p>[No Change] Committee Notes October 15, 2016 Noticeslast_img read more

Watch the Reaction Baker Mayfield’s Mom Gives When She Reads a Letter He Wrote Her For Mother’s Day

first_img Related TopicsBaker MayfieldBrownsfeatured Matt Loede has been a part of the Cleveland Sports Media for over 21 years, with experience covering Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, the National Football League and even high school and college events. He has been a part of the Cleveland Indians coverage since the opening of Jacobs/Progressive Field in 1994, and spent two and a half years covering the team for 92.3 The Fan, and covers them daily for Associated Press Radio. You can follow Matt on Twitter HERE. Matt Loedecenter_img With Mother’s Day this weekend (don’t forget it’s Sunday!) ESPN has had some high profile athletes write letters to their mom’s to say what they feel about them. What the athletes don’t realize is that the players’ mom is sitting one room away.Try not to get emotional when you watch Baker Mayfield of the Browns write a letter to his mom telling her how much she means to him in this latest episode from ESPN.We asked @bakermayfield to write a letter to his mom.What he *didn’t* know was that she was listening in the next room …— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) May 8, 2019last_img read more

Presidents’ College teams win at YBG

first_imgPresidents’ College secured wins in the U16 and U14 section, when the Youth Basketball Guyana [YBG] ‘Regional Conference’ continued yesterday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, Homestretch Avenue. In the U16 section, Presidents’ College crushed the Bishops’ High 57-30. Akinyelle Derrell led the way with 19 points and seven steals while Gabriel Lim added 14 points and nine rebounds.For Bishops’ Timothy Richard tallied 13 points and five rebounds.In the U14 division, Presidents’ College crushed St. Rose’s High 36-17. Joel McPhoy recorded 19 points and eight rebounds in the rout. For St. Rose’s Hailie Caesar scored 10 points. In other results from the U14 section, Chase Academy downed the Bishops’ High 15-4. Omary Kewley and Dominic Wharton scored eight and seven points respectively.Also, Marian Academy downed YBG Cluster 27-7. Alistair Phyll led the winner with seven points and nine rebounds. For the loser, Ronoko Vaughn scored five points, five steals and as many rebounds.The tournament is sponsored by Edward B. Beharry and Company Ltd, Banks DIH LTD and the National Sports Commission.last_img read more

CAF President, Ahmad Ahmad Granted US Entry Amidst Denial

first_imgPresident of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Ahmad Ahmad was finally granted a US entry visa after reports of him being denied surfaced.The BBC reported on Thursday that a CAF spokesperson had confirmed that Ahmad was denied a visa to attend the FIFA council meeting taking place in Miami, Florida.“I confirm the information. The (CAF) president will be in Cairo,” the spokesperson is quoted as saying. However, late on Thursday, a photo of Ahmad’s visa was released – reportedly by CAF.CAF later released a statement on its official website claiming that the reports of visa denial are unfounded and false.The statement read in part: “The Confederation of African Football wonders about the motive of the people who conveyed this false information, without bothering to check it. CAF informs the family of African football that at no time has a US entry visa been refused to President Ahmad Ahmad who, like the other members of the FIFA Council, is in possession of his visa issued by the Embassy of the United States in Egypt.”The three-month visa is issued by the U.S. Embassy in Cairo with the issue date being March 14 and expires June 12.Ahmad serves as vice-president of the FIFA council set to meet today and has missed the opening session of the two-day meeting after visa delays.Relatedlast_img read more

Begorrah it’s the boyo’s bogey

first_imgPhoenix Tuesday/Friday Golf GroupTuesday, November 22 – Phoenix G.C.Last month we played a ‘bogey’ competition for the first time.  It seemed to be well received and it was agreed to try it again this month.  How attitudes can change. Not one player was happy with this format today.  In saying that, possibly the victors of the day were happy.  John Bartley and Eamon Murtagh shared first place with a returning score of -1.  Joint second were Denis Dixon and Richard Baldwin with a score of -2.  The rest were all looking forward to the lucky draw!I think the problem with this format is that most players do not feel that they have played a full game of golf.  If your net score reaches bogey or worse you may as well pick up.  A lot of players do not like to pick up until they cannot contribute to their card at all.  So it was unanimously decided to kick this format into touch after today – back to the relatively easy to understand, Stableford.Tuesday’s top two with the staff at the Relax Bar.The course today was the Ocean and Mountain in that order, another confusing item for the day as well.  Both nines have the same stroke indexes and anyone with an odd number as a handicap has to be careful to take their shots on the correct holes.However it is nice to report that the course conditions are now back to the high standard we have come to know in the past.  Phoenix is not regarded as the toughest course in the area, but the greens, when they are up to speed along with some of the pin positions are very difficult to score on.  Three and four putting is not uncommon on these greens.  They say if you have a good short game (chipping and putting) then you can score well at Phoenix.So back at the ranch (the Relax Bar) we spent far too long trying to sort out everyone’s score (another reason to scrap the ‘bogey’ idea).Near pins were the only thing straight forward today and they went to Denis Dixon (2), John Bartley & Eamon Murtagh.Lucky draw prizes donated by the Relax Bar went to Bill Hewitt, Roger Ison (who we welcomed back after a long absence) and Jim Neilson, who after a horrendous day on the course was rewarded with finally making a par on the last (always the way innit.  Say to yourself I think I will give this stupid game up and then play a blinder on the last hole.  Oh, think I will play again!)  Also he was rewarded with the free massage given by our hosts.  After his first drink being given free and the massage he ended up as the highest value winner on the day – poetic justice?Accomplished players with an official handicap are welcome to join us all for a serious game of golf, but with a lot of fun.  If you are interested please call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565 for more information.If you are not a member of Phoenix Golf Club you can enjoy a preferential rate of 1,000 Baht green fee as a guest of the members, but the above qualifying conditions apply.last_img read more

Davies powers Nitros past Nelson Leafs

first_imgKorbyn Chabot tied the game a 1-1 with a marker early in the second before Davies notched the winner.The Leafs, despite out shooting the defending Kootenay Conference Champs 34-28 in the game and 15-6 during the opening period, struggled once again to score goals. Over the last three games Nelson has scored just six times.Nelson, 8-6-0-0-1, falls to five points behind Murdoch leading Beaver Valley Nitehawks.Beaver Valley won its seventh straight game, scoring three times in the second period to edge Creston 3-2 in the East Kootenay City. Devin Nemes netted the winner, snapping a 2-2 tie.Beaver Valley visits the Leafs as Nelson concludes a three-game road trip Tuesday in Grand Forks.Game time Friday is 7 p.m. Matt Davies scored with six minutes left in the game to snap a 1-1 tie and power the Kimberley Dynamiters to a 2-1 Kootenay International Junior Hockey League victory over the Nelson Leafs Friday night in the Bavarian City.The game was the first of a weekend series against Eddie Mountain opposition for the Green and White.Nelson travels to Creston Saturday to face the Thunder Cats.Nelson opened the scoring five minutes into the contest when Andy Fitzpatrick scored his seventh goal of the season.last_img read more

Galway Tribesmen qualify for All-Ireland Grand Final

first_imgThe Galway Tribesmen were eventual winners on Saturday last when they a secured a narrow victory against the Athboy Longhorns to secure the Republic Of Ireland title. The team now will do battle against the best that Northern Ireland has to offer in the All Ireland Final next Saturday in the clubs biggest game in their short history. print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email Fresh from their win the previous week against the Dublin City Exiles, the men from the West started the game where they left off last week and had the Longhorns under pressure from the start. The Tribesmen were awarded a scrum as early as the 2nd minute close to the Longhorns line but were unable to capitalize on this early pressure. The first points of the game went to the Longhorns when they were awarded a kickable penalty on the 14th minute mark and their Irish International Casey Dunne duly slotted the ball between the posts to register two points.The Tribesmen however, maintained the pressure, led by their captain Andrew ‘Mika’ Atonio and quickly replied with a well worked try by winger Eddie Weaver in the corner. With an unsuccessful conversion attempt this put the Tribesmen ahead 4-2.Both teams tried everything to try and gain the advantage but both teams were unyielding in their defence and it difficult to see where the next points were going to come from.The question was answered on the 35th minute when the Alan McMahon stepped up for the Tribesmen and cleverly slotted over a drop goal. The one pointer gave the Tribesmen a 5-2 lead and this was score when the half time break arrived.The match resumed with the Longhorns in robust form and they immediately stole a march when Simon Deevy burst over from close range to put the Meath men in the ascendency. With Dunne slotting the conversion over this gave them an 8-5 advantage over the men from the west.However, it wasn’t long before the Tribesmen were back in the hunt, when ‘no nonsense’ prop forward Jason East making a significant contribution for the second week running, added a further 4 points to the Galway men’s tally. With Peter O’Neill converting this gave the Tribesmen a lead of 11-8.As the game progressed, both teams displayed tenacious defence and try scoring opportunities were few and far between despite the impressive running displays of Deevy for the Longhorns and Jacob Spargo and Jason East for the Tribesmen.The Tribesmen have come into a rich vein of form at the right time of the season and they were virtually faultless for the remainder of the game. The Longhorns, however were guilty of a couple indiscretions which were punished by the boot of Peter O’Neill who secured two further penalty kicks to add 4 further points for the Tribesmen. The tension was running high as the clock ran down but the Tribesmen maintained their impenetrable defensive wall. The game finished at 15-8.The Tribesmen now march on to the All Ireland Final next Saturday at the Carlisle Grounds in Bray, where they face the winners of the Northern Ireland league, the Ballynahinch Rabbitohs, in which the winners will be crowned the best team on the Island of Ireland. This has been a monumental season for the Tribesmen who started off the season with a ground breaking tour to North Wales and are now on the verge of lifting the trophy that will confirm them the best team in country!The final kicks off at 2pm at the Carlisle Grounds in Bray, Co Wicklow, Saturday 6th August.last_img read more

SA saves R2.2bn in HIV drug tender

first_img29 November 2012 South Africa achieved a massive R2.2-billion cost reduction in the R5.9-billion tender awarded to three pharmaceutical companies on Thursday for single-dose antiretroviral (ARV) drugs for the government’s HIV treatment campaign. Making the announcement in Pretoria, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi said that the majority of South Africans on state-sponsored ARV treatment for HIV would, from April 2013, need only one tablet instead of the current three per day. Motsoaledi said South Africa had managed to reduce the cost of the tender – for a single dose of the triple combination of tenofovir, entricitabine and efavirenz – by 38%, a massive saving of R2.2 billion.‘Means we can treat more patients’ The price of the three-in-one combination is R89.37, which Motsoaledi described as now the world’s lowest price for this product. The tender was awarded to South African companies Aspen Pharmacare and Cipla Medpro along with US firm Mylan Pharmaceuticals. “This new tender has moved from an original cost of R8.1-billion to R5.9-billion for two years,” Motsoaledi said. “This savings means we can treat more patients with the same budget.” Motsoaledi said, from April, all pregnant women who were HIV positive would be given the single dose combination during pregnancy and breast feeding, regardless of their CD4 count. At least 80% of patients on ARV treatment would also be able to switch to the single-dose combination, though Motsoaledi noted that those who couldn’t switch for any reason could still take individual ARV drugs.Benefits of the single-dose combination Motsoaledi said the single-dose combination had major benefits for patients, and not only in terms of compliance with the daily routine; the combination meant fewer side-effects, and easier logistics and storage. “The fixed dose combination … is more effective than dual therapy and has fewer side-effects for the pregnant mother, in addition to its convenient dosage regimen.” The drugs will be available in all 3 000 registered health facilities across the country, said Motsoaledi, adding that there would be no more delays in supply, as experienced with the previous supplier. “We have asked the suppliers to give us their commitment on this, and all three of them have done so.” Dr Francesca Conradie, clinical adviser for TB/HIV at Wits University’s Clinical HIV Research Unit, said the new combination would not be harmful to pregant mothers in any way. “Simplification of the tablets is so much easier for mothers, and it will lead to better results,” Dr Conradie said. UNAids country coordinator Dr Catherine Sozi commended South Africa for being able to access the effective drugs at a small price. “The reduction in cost is way beyond what we’ve hoped for,” Sozi said. Source: read more

Will Bing Get A Boost Thanks To Google’s Your Way?

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts dave copeland Tags:#search#web It may take awhile to figure out if Google has alienated some of its long-term search fans with yesterday’s launch of Your World. But if they did, Microsoft’s Bing may be poised to pick up some of the castoffs.Jon Mitchell has details on Your Way, but in a nutshell, the new service better integrates Google+ content into Google search. That could have some looking for more objective ways to search, while also raising the ire of some big Web players. Among the most vocal so far is Twitter, which said in a statement the changes are “bad for people, publishers, news organizations and Twitter users.” Google, for its part, said on Google+ it was “a bit surprised by Twitter’s comments about Search plus Your World, because they chose not to renew their agreement with us last summer” – but not before other critics piled on the search giant, with some users even threatening to boycott Google.All of this could play well for Bing. Since 2009, the number three search engine has had a partnership with Twitter similar to the one that lapsed with Google last summer. Since the Google agreement expired, it is now easier to find tweets in Bing via realtime searches than it is in Google. At the time of the breakup in July, it was unclear which side walked away, but Bing was quick to renew its ties with Twitter and strike a similar deal with Facebook.Yesterday’s news doesn’t put Bing any closer to become a verb, but the search engine was running second to Google with 15.1% of the market in December (it’s a distance third, as Google still controlled 65.9%, according to ComScore). In a keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Bing, in conjunction with Yahoo!, now controlled 30 percent of the U.S. search market. The fallout from search isn’t the only reason why Bing may get a boost this year. The company has improved integration of Bing with Xbox and Kinect, which helps Microsoft grab a younger demographic when gamers move their search activity online from their consoles. Bing has also been working to improve its mobile offerings, releasing a much-imtpoved Bing app for Android and iOS5.But perhaps the biggest indication that Bing is worth paying attention to came from Google itself, when it paid $900 million to Mozilla to be the default search engine in Firefox for the next three years.center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

Zillow Kills Competition With $3.5 Billion Trulia Deal

first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Related Posts Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting It takes more than “Zestimates” and other zippy technology to make money in real-estate listings, as evidenced by the $3.5 billion in stock that Zillow agreed to drop in order to snap up its chief competitor, Trulia.The impending Trulia acquisition could centralize listings and tools for home sellers. The joined company says it will provide “advertising and software solutions that help real estate professionals grow their business.” Real-estate sites cannot dominate the Internet with lookie-loos alone; they must have advertising dollars. Now Zillow’s listing site can also attract home sellers—and their attendant advertising—with Trulia’s tools for estimating a home’s value.Zestimates, Zillow’s zingy name for the proprietary algorithm it uses to estimate home value based on publicly available information, put the real estate site in the spotlight—but not always in a good way. Critics question the their true value, citing the algorithm’s inability to know, for instance, whether the neighbors mow the lawn. A Real-Estate Squeeze Play Regardless, Zillow is protective of Zestimates, and sued Trulia for patent infringement in 2011, a claim Trulia disputed. Earlier this year, the rivalry between Zillow and Trulia was still going strong. In February, Zillow announced it would spend $65 million on national advertising. Two days later, Trulia announced it would spend $45 million on same.Currently, Zillow has 83 million users, according to comScore. Trulia has 54 million. Once joined, the new real estate behemoth on the block will rule 61 percent of the market, making the most visible place for real estate to pay for premium ad placement. In theory, Zillow’s shelling out $3.5 billion in stock to swallow its former rival could save both companies some money in the short run, since real-estate agents will paying the difference in premium advertising on the biggest game in town. Knocking out the competition makes it a sellers market for ad space. Investors will be pleased. According to the announcement, the deal—expected to close in 2015—will “maintain both the Zillow and Trulia consumer brands.” As the deal marches toward the regulatory process, specific details of how the merged company will operate and whether there will be layoffs, have not yet been shared.Lead image by Flickr user John Morgan, CC 2.0 helen popkincenter_img Tags:#advertising#Competition#monopoly#real estate#Trulia#Zillow A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more