Jefferson County indictments for the week of July 2

first_imgAn indictment is not a final conviction of guilt; it is only a ruling by the grand jury that allows the district attorney’s office to proceed with a criminal case. April 14.Todd Lynn Fawvor, 48 of Freeport, was indicted for felony driving for an incident that occurred May 27, 2019.Corey Reshard Flemings, also known as Lil Corey7 and Corey Flemings, 29, of Port Arthur was arrested for evading arrest/detention with previous convictions for an incident that occurred March 5.Frederick Jerome Green, also known as Frederick Green, 34, of Port Arthur was indicted for assault family violence/choking for an incident that occurred April 19.Terry Jermaine Jackson, Jr., 20, transient, was indicted for felony heft of a firearm for an incident that occurred May 10.Jerry Wayne Langlinais Jr., also known as Jerry Wayne Langlanais and Jerry Wayne Langlinais, 43, of Nederland was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred Jan. 10.Kendall Ross Mayfield, also known as Kendall R. Mayfield, 40, of Beaumont was indicted for burglary of a building for an incident that occurred Feb. 15.Robert Wayne Millard, 54, of Port Arthur was indicted for failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements for an incident that occurred Oct. 6.Kari Michelle Newton, 26, of Kountze was indicted for unauthorized use of a vehicle for an incident that occurred April 26.Kiron Dewayne Peacock, 43, of Port Arthur was indicted for retaliation for an incident that occurred April 10.Michael Ravine Connor-Peterson, 39, of Beaumont was indicted for injury t an elderly individual for an incident that occurred May 4.Randy Lee Romero, 37, of Port Arthur was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine for an incident that occurred Oct. 27.Carl Sampson Solomon, 19, of Port Arthur was indicted for evading arrest/detention use of a vehicle for an incident that occurred May 1.Letitia Denay Tanker, 26, transient, was indicted for unauthorized use of e vehicle for an incident that occurred Dec. 19.Tadarell Lee Woods, 34, of Port Arthur was indicted for aggravated robbery for an incident that occurred April 9.Taquasha Johnson, 24, of Port Arthur was indicted for aggravated robbery for an incident that occurred April 9.Tadarell Lee Woods, 34, of Port Arthur was indicted for aggravated robbery for an incident that occurred April 9.Taquasha Johnson, 24, of Port Arthur was indicted for aggravated robbery for an incident that occurred April 9.Leslie Paige Bertrand, 44, of Beaumont was indicted for retaliation for an incident that occurred Feb. 12.Marcus Jamall Brown, 28, of Beaumont was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred Dec. 17.Robert Jerome Charles, 49, of Beaumont was indicted for felony theft with prior theft convictions for an incident that occurred Nov. 26.Chris Whitney Cormier, 48, of Port Neches was indicted for burglary of a habitation for an incident that occurred March 15.Ronald Demetrius Guillory Jr., 20, of Beaumont was indicted for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle for an incident that occurred April 19. BEAUMONT — A Jefferson County grand jury indicted the following individuals this week:Rakeem Jamal Roache, 25, of Baytown was indicted for murder for an incident that occurred July 19.Luis Roberto Alonzo, 22, of Port Arthur was indicted for felony theft of a firearm for an incident that occurred Sept. 14.William Rickey Aycock, also known as William Ricky Aycock, 49, of Nederland was indicted for possession of a controlled substance, methamphetamine, for an incident that occurred Feb. 20.Jeremie Deshaun Barabin, also known as Jeremie Barabin, Jeremie Deshaun Barrabin and Jeremine Deshaun Barabin, 35, of Port Arthur was indicted for evading arrest/detention with previous convictions for an incident that occurred May 15.Hector Collazo, 33, of Port Arthur was indicted for assault-choking for a incident that occurredlast_img read more

TIACA urges governments to agree mutual recognition for air cargo security

first_imgThe association called the agreements between the European Union, Switzerland and the United States and between the USA and Canada to recognise each other’s security regimes as ‘welcomed and sensible progress’ towards the shared goals of maintaining the highest levels of air cargo security without impeding international air cargo supply chains.Michael Steen, chairman of TIACA, said: “We strongly support efforts to enhance security of the air cargo supply chain without unduly disrupting vital commercial flows. Mutual recognition of robust security regimes is an important way to further this goal, so we commend the USA, EU, Swiss and Canadian authorities for their recent announcements in this regard. TIACA will continue to support additional efforts to mutually recognise security regimes and to implement global, harmonised standards.”TIACA says the progress made by governments to recognise each other’s national air cargo security regimes will eliminate duplication of security controls and the costs and time delays associated with this whilst ensuring strict air cargo safety and security requirements continue to be met consistently.Speaking to delegates at TIACA’s Executive Summit in Moscow, Doug Brittin, Director, Air Cargo at the Transportation Security Administration, said the security threat ‘remains high for all of us’. “Our goal, which we know is shared by the industry, is to not lose a plane,” he added.He outlined the work TSA has been doing on advanced air cargo data alongside bodies such as ICAO, the World Customs’ Organisation and the Universal Postal Union.Outlining the status of the Advanced Air Cargo Screening (ACAS) programme, he confirmed the pilot was still ongoing, having started with express carriers a year ago and subsequently expanded to include passenger and cargo carriers as well as freight forwarders. The objective, he said, was to prove data flows and timelines, adding: “Can DHS (U.S. Department of Homeland Security) looking at this data quickly analyse, determine risk and get information on which screening method to use to the proper place at the proper time?”The message channels and protocols are critical to this, he said. “The key part of this is moving that trusted shipper concept to a data driven analysis. We want to be able to make a determination based on historical data about the shippers plus incorporate the trusted shipper rule sets into ACAS.” He urged forwarders to be part of this process, stating: “The sooner the data is transmitted the better … we suggest freight forwarders and carriers conduct active discussions with all parties in the supply chain as soon as possible to help determine the outcome and help design the process overall.”Brittin also recognised the important support industry is giving to further enhancing air cargo security. He said: “Together we have made significant progress in enhancing air cargo security in the past few years and industry has risen to the challenge, both in the all-cargo and the passenger carrier segments. We are moving steadily toward closing all gaps. What we have put in place-a risk-based, intelligence-driven approach applying tiered screening protocols-could not have been accomplished without working through the numerous details with industry partnership. TIACA and GACAG (Global Air Cargo Advisory Group) have played a key role in this partnership approach, and I am confident that by continuing to work together, we can resolve any outstanding and future security challenges.”last_img read more

Listed firm ‘continuously’ talking about new acquisitions

first_imgAdrian BilesAdrian Biles, chief executive, said: ‘We expect to achieve significant further growth during the year from additional acquisitions, together with organic growth arising principally from the increasing cross-referral of clients between the group’s businesses and as the more specialised businesses take advantage of the group’s full service capabilities. We continuously examine expansion opportunities and are engaged in discussions with firms in a number of other international jurisdictions. In the UK, we have a good pipeline of potential acquisitions with which we are at various stages of discussion or negotiation.’Biles owns 26.7% of the company and received £245,000 through salary and profit shares in 2018 (up from £200,000 in 2017).The group was admitted to the AIM market of the London stock exchange last year. It committed £20m to acquisitions last year and has spent just over half that figure so far.Biles stressed that further acquisitions will not be dictated by the financial performance of the firm but by the quality of those working within it. ‘High quality businesses may well be struggling with issues of size, strategy and how to best finance themselves’, said Biles. ‘From our perspective it is about giving them access to capital and reserves.’Gordon Dadds receives more than two-thirds of its income through the practice areas of corporate and tax, dispute resolution and real estate work.The firm has increased its staff numbers from 177 to 229 and now has 107 fee earners. Staff costs rose from £7.7m in 2017 to £10.8m in 2017/18. A newly listed firm reporting healthy profit increases said today there will be no let-up in its acquisition spree. Gordon Dadds Group plc bought five professional services businesses in 2017/18 but said today that further opportunities for expansion are continuously under discussion, with targets are likely to be businesses in the UK and internationally with at least £10m annual income.In its maiden results, the firm posted pre-tax profits up 23.3% to £2.96m on revenue of £31.2m (up 25.3%) for the year ending 31 March. Its share price rose more than 6% on the announcement. Shareholders will receive a dividend of 4p per share. last_img read more

Ultra-Wideband GaN Doherty PA for Next Gen Wireless Base Stations

first_imgMitsubishi has developed an ultra-wideband gallium nitride (GaN) Doherty power amplifier for next generation base stations that operate from 3 to 3.6 GHz (600 MHz Bandwidth). The technology is expected to help reduce the size and energy consumption of next generation wireless base stations. Technical details will be presented at the IEEE Topical Conference on RF/Microwave Power Amplifiers for Wireless and Radio Applications (PAWR2017) during the Radio & Wireless Week (RWW) in the U.S. city of Phoenix, Arizona from January 15-18, 2017.To help meet a rapid rise in demand for increasing wireless capacity, mobile technologies are shifting to next generation systems that raise capacity by allocating new frequency bands above 3 GHz and using multiple frequency bands. Generally, power amplifiers operate with less efficiency at higher frequencies. Also, different power amplifiers are needed for different frequency bands, which can require larger base stations. As such, extra-efficient power amplifiers compatible with multiple frequencies are in demand.This new ultra-wideband GaN Doherty power amplifier from Mitsubishi Electric uses advanced frequency-compensation circuits with Doherty architecture for enhanced efficiency in a very wide band range.The new power amplifier’s frequency-compensation circuit enhances efficiency over a wide frequency range to enable wider performance by three times, a world record for Doherty power amplifiers (with a 600 MHz bandwidth). Wideband, high-efficiency performance for efficient amplification of multiple radio frequencies by just one power amplifier will help to reduce base station size and cooling needs. Mitsubishi Electric’s high-efficiency GaN devices (MGFS39G38L2) have an efficiency of more than 45.9% in the 3.0 to 3.6 GHz frequency range, thereby reducing energy consumption. Further, an adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR) of -50 dBc is achieved with a commercial digital pre-distortion (DPD) technique for LTE (Long-Term Evolution) 20 MHz signals.last_img read more

This Lagos School Inducts Students Like Professional Football Clubs Unveil Footballers (Pictures)

first_imgA sports school based in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria, has turned what should be an ordinary Code of Conduct signing into a grand ceremony; introducing professional photoshoots as part of the mini-event.Usually, a code of conduct document is a two to three-paged document hardly worthy of celebrating, well, not unless your child is at the City Sports School.As part of measures to expose young footballers enrolled in the school to professional processes such as foreign and local competitive match experiences, contract signing, physical fitness, scouting procedures among others, the school has developed creative ways to include these processes in the routine activities: one of which is the newly introduced City Sports School induction.At first glance, you will be forgiven for mistaking the induction for a contract signing, which according to Regulation 19 of FIFA’s Status and Transfer of Players Regulations 2018 (the “Regulations”) provides that international transfers of players are only permitted if the player is over the age of 18.The induction process which is designed to look like a signing and unveiling ceremony is in entirety a Parents & Players Code of Conduct signing ceremony. Take Matthew for instance, a 10-year-old right-back who idolizes Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold, regarded by many, particularly Millennials, as the best right-back in the game since the internet gave birth to social media. Matthew will be wearing the number 66 jersey.Matthew dreams of a career in professional football someday and his parents are keen on helping him actualize this dream.In spicing up the Induction Ceremony, the City Sports School team segmented the entire process into three phases. Player Kit fitting: You don’t want your child running around in an over sized jersey looking like prime Roberto Baggio or Romario in a retro ’94 jersey or a miniature parachute. So, the players try out a jersey that fits, not too tight like Cameroon’s infamous 2002 body-con kits, but something smart. The signing: Parents and players are naturally expected to be supportive, emphatic, caring, thoughtful, and all-round interested in the overall success of the team and their mates. Hence, they both have to pledge to abide by certain rules and measures created to ensure the smooth running of the soccer school such as prohibiting interference with team selections, tactics, coaching methods, etc. These might seem like trivial issues, but football is an emotive sport and oftentimes, people can get carried away when certain decisions appear biased against them.The Photoshoot: Once the Parents & Player Code of Conduct is signed, the child is then officially welcomed to City Sports School, unveiled. The ceremony begins with a photoshoot displaying their jersey number. All of these is done just to give the players a taste of what is to come should they choose to pursue a career in professional football.In essence, City Sports School induction is a welcome ceremony for these aspiring footballers into a setup that prides itself in creating the best and most conducive environment for the development of young people.And the icing on the cake? These kids will be playing some competitive games in Europe during the course of the year. RelatedThoughts On Repositioning Nigerian Sports (1)November 21, 2019In “Sports”La Liga and Lagos Business School Sign MOU To Professionalise Sports Business in NigeriaOctober 30, 2018In “Nigeria”Thoughts On Repositioning Nigerian Sports (2)November 21, 2019In “Nigeria”last_img read more

Saudi Arabia criticized for giving female robot citizenship, while it restricts women’s rights

first_imgdikobraziy/iStock/Thinkstock(RIYADH, Saudi Arabia) — A robot woman in Saudi Arabia was granted citizenship this week, sparking a backlash that said the robot appeared to have more rights than millions of human women and foreigners living in the Gulf nation.Sophia, a robot with human female features that can make facial expressions and hold conversations, wooed the crowd when it debuted at a economic summit in the country’s capital, Riyadh, this week.As it stood on stage during a panel Wednesday, the robot learned from the moderator, CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin, that Saudi Arabia had granted it what Sorkin called “the first Saudi citizenship for a robot.”“I’m very honored and proud for this unique distinction,” Sophia said, to applause. “This is historical to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with a citizenship.”An arm of the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information tweeted its support of the robot, made by Hanson Robotics and appearing as part of the Future Investment Initiative summit.Soon after, though, social media users pointed out that Sophia had quickly achieved more rights than millions of women and foreign workers in Saudi Arabia, which has been criticized globally for repressing women’s and civil rights.For one, Sophia appeared on stage alone, without the modest dress required of Saudi women; she donned no hijab, or headscarf, nor abaya, or cloak.She also did not appear to have a male guardian, as required by Saudi law for women in the country. Male guardians, often a male relative, must give permission before women can travel abroad, open bank accounts or carry out a host of other tasks — and they accompany women in public.Sophia also seems to have leapfrogged foreign workers in the Saudi kingdom, many of whom have fled poor working conditions but are prevented by law from leaving the country.On Twitter, the hashtag #Sophia_demands_the_repeal_of_guardianship picked up steam, with some users predicting a loss of rights for the female robot.One user shared a photo of Sophia with her face covered up, along with the caption, “What Sophia looks like after a while.”Another asked if she had obtained permission from a male guardian to get a Saudi passport and if it was delivered to him on her behalf. “Or is she special and able to handle the procedures on her own?” the user tweeted.The criticisms come after Saudi Arabia said last month that it would allow women to obtain driver’s licenses, in what the kingdom hailed as a major step forward in the Saudi crown prince’s long-term reform initiatives.Human rights groups have cautioned that the country, which is run by a monarchy following strict Islamic law, has a long way to go with regard to rights. Saudi Arabia has long been labeled among the most oppressive nations in the world; independent watchdog group Freedom House this year ranked it as the 10th worst country for civil liberties and political rights, tied with the Central African Republic. Copyright © 2017, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMatico Relatedlast_img read more

Monday Thoughts

first_imgMeans’ next start is scheduled for Friday night in Cleveland. Picking up wins in both starts, Means is now 5-3 on the year, as well as in his major league career. In his first major league season, Means is pitching to a 2.33 ERA in 10 games. John Means had an outstanding homestand this past week. Since ending the drought, Davis is 18 for 59, which is a slash line of .290/.371/.581. He also crushed five homes runs and tallied 15 RBI in that span. Stewart Makes MLB Pipeline’s Prospect Team of the Week: John is on a Means Streak: DJ Stewart is finally starting to get hot in Triple-A Norfolk, so much so that he made MLB Pipeline’s Prospect Team of the Week. In his two starts, Means pitched seven innings of one run ball against the defending World Series Champion Boston Red Sox and six innings of one run ball against Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels. center_img The Baltimore Orioles had an interesting week of baseball. Finishing a homestead with a 3-5 run, the O’s will begin a week-long road trip starting in the Bronx and wrapping up in Cleveland. So with that being said, here are our Monday Thoughts! Davis Looking Like His Old Self: On the year, Stewart is batting .259/.390/.500 in 137 plate appearances for the Tides. Please follow and like us: Chris Davis has been swinging the bat ever since ending his record-breaking hitless streak against Boston. In five games this past week, Stewart slashed an impressive .313/.368/1.000. He tallied three home runs and two doubles with 10 RBI. He also scored five times and recorded two walks. Davis is currently batting .189/.287/.379 in 108 plate appearances on the year. And while it is still shy of where Davis wants to be, it is a huge step in getting him back to his old self. last_img read more