Camaraderie between grandchildren and grandparents

first_imgI am not a parent but still when I saw my sister-in-law delivering my niece, it engendered more love and respect for my mother.Recently, I met someone running an old age foundation (NGO) and came to my workplace asking for sponsorship/donation. But this write-up is not about that NGO or the donation.While he was sharing all the concerns and issues of people living in the old age home and how they follow a routine by involving/engaging them in different kind of activities so that they do not feel left out or lonely, an instant thought came in my mind. I told the NGO person to engage the people in the old age home with kids.I have seen and felt this in my own home that there is no bigger happiness for grandparents than to be around children and spread happiness. The point is our grandparents or so-called senior citizens have all the time in this world to be with their grandchildren or play and spend time with the kids. Read to them or make them listen to their treasured stories and share their experience of life. Kids just love the attention. Even to play a small game like “jumping” gives immense pleasure to both sides of people.Then I look at my parents, the kind of happiness and feeling of contentment I see in their eyes when they are with their granddaughter is immense and beautiful; it’s like they do not wish for anything else in the world.The kind of happiness it gives them cannot match anything in this world and is worth more than millions.last_img read more