Capcom to release Monster Hunter 3G demo that self destructs

first_imgReleasing a demo of a game has gone through a number of changes over the years. It used to be the case you’d just release a demo to get gamers interested before release. But then retailers started charging for them with the gamer getting the money back as a discount on the full game purchase. Magazines got exclusive demos so you’d buy the mag to play. Then we moved to demos appearing after a game’s release and as downloads with time delays between different platforms.Capcom has decided to go one step further with the limits put on a demo for the 3DS game Monster Hunter 3G, due out next month in its home territory. Rather than just limiting gameplay to a specific location or in-game time limit, the publisher/developer has also included a self-destruct feature.The demo has around 20 minutes of gameplay in the form of two quests. If you like it, you can replay the demo until the game comes out on December 10 in Japan, or until you have enough cash for a purchase. However, your replays have been limited too. After 30 starts/loads, the demo stops working.There’s no explanation as to why Capcom has decided to do this. Is it worried gamers will think one quest is enough to satiate their need for Monster Hunter gameplay? It seems unlikely, but I can’t think of another explanation for stopping a demo being played.The demo is a 169MB download and Capcom also state that they might decide to terminate access to it without warning. So even if you haven’t used up your 30 loads, the demo may just disappear.via Kotaku and Capcom (translated)last_img read more