Oneiric Ocelot is up next for Ubuntu

first_imgOn his blog Mark Shuttleworth announced that the next version of Ubuntu, after Natty Narwhal, will officially be Oneiric Ocelot. This will be version 11.10 of the Linux distribution (Natty was 11.04). It’s slated to arrive in October 2011 and be supported through April 2013. Natty will officially be released on April 28, 2011 and is currently in its Alpha 3 stage.In his blog post Shuttleworth talked at a high level about what to expect from the release. He mentions continued improvements for the desktop experience and the addition of the Qt framework for more functional and attractive interfaces. The post notes that Unity 2D still ship with the release for people whose hardware can’t support the 3D version. (Unity is the UI for desktop environment for Ubuntu, starting with Natty Narwhal. It replaced the GNOME desktop environment as Ubuntu’s standard offering.) Ubuntu has made large steps forward with user interface over the past few versions and this clearly continues to be a development priority.AdChoices广告The cloud is also a focus for 11.10, in order to continue preparing Ubuntu the the inevitable increase of cloud-based computing. Here Shuttleworth gets vague though, simply stating they want to ensure “widespread cloud computing on free and flexible terms”As possible alternate names Shuttleworth mentioned “Orange Okapi” and “Osculant Orangutan”, but the ultimate winner was “Oneiric Ocelot”. Oneiric means “of or related to dreams” while an ocelot is a small Central and South American feline. The name might sound catchy, but we can probably expect to see endless misspellings of oneiric scattered around the web.Any alternative suggestions for the codename? Personally I like Ornery Otter.[image via wikimedia]last_img read more