#mother #push

first_imgI think pushing their child out from their comfort zone is the first and foremost job of a mother. Starting by pushing them out from the womb where they are getting easy access to food, air, water and immunity to latching, feeding, crawling, walking, speaking she makes the kid do everything according to their mental, physical and emotional abilities.Then comes the second phase sending them to school. You must have noticed kids crying in their initial days of school this time it’s letting them out from their social comfort zone. A new set of people, teachers, friends, new games, group activities. Along with studies, she encourages the child to participate in extracurricular activities. She makes them explore their unrealized abilities and unleash their hidden positive energy. Moms drive their kids to be a winner as well as a fighter too. On failures, she comforts her kids but simultaneously she motivates them to accept their failure and work on their faults. Along with the social comfort zone, they gradually come out from their emotional comfort zone to make new bonds and relation. Moms are like cocoons wrapping their kids with virtues of life to transform them into beautiful flying butterflies.In this journey of pushing her kid out in this world and then pushing them in this real-world, she pushes her own boundaries of thoughts, skills and knowledge. She rediscovers her own potentials and capabilities. She may be a disaster in all other roles of life but as a mother, she surprises herself every day.last_img read more