Manhunt targets suspect who wounded California deputy

first_imgHomeBad BehaviorManhunt targets suspect who wounded California deputy Jun. 12, 2020 at 5:00 amBad BehaviorCrimeManhunt targets suspect who wounded California deputyAssociated Press12 months agogunmanManhuntMason James Lirasuspect CHRISTOPHER WEBER and STEFANIE DAZIOAssociated PressHundreds of California police officers were searching Thursday for a gunman suspected of opening fire at a police station, wounding a deputy with a shot to the face and killing a transient man.Authorities said they have been a step behind 26-year-old Mason James Lira since he shot at the downtown Paso Robles Police Department before dawn Wednesday. Officials later discovered the body of a man, who had been shot in the head at close range.“It’s a wide-ranging, full-on, full-scale effort,” said Tony Cipolla, spokesman for the San Luis Obispo County sheriff. “We’re right behind him. You can’t run forever.”The search intensified Thursday in and around Paso Robles, a tourist destination in California’s central coast wine region. Police closed parts of a freeway and used flash-bangs while searching apartments.The attack came just five days after law enforcement officers were ambushed farther north in the community of Ben Lomond.Santa Cruz County sheriff’s Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, 38, was killed and another deputy was injured Saturday in an attack by an Air Force sergeant armed with homemade bombs, an AR-15 rifle and other weapons, authorities said. Sheriff Jim Hart said the suspect, Steven Carrillo, was intent on killing officers.Carrillo, 32, was arrested and the FBI is investigating whether he has links to the killing of a federal security officer outside the U.S. courthouse in Oakland during a protest against police brutality on May 29. A white van was spotted at both attacks and the FBI is seeking the public’s help to find it.Prosecutors on Thursday filed 19 charges against Carrillo, who faces life in prison if convicted. He is accused of killing Gutzwiller and attempting to kill four other officers, as well as possessing destructive devices and the components to make others. He is scheduled to be arraigned Friday, and it was not immediately clear if he had an attorney who could speak on his behalf.In Paso Robles, there were no events or imminent arrests that could have triggered the violence, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson said. Investigators didn’t know if the attack was connected to anger swelling nationwide at police over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis officers, he said.Authorities have not determined a motive, but Lira, a transient from the Monterey area, was arrested previously for making terrorist threats.A gas station clerk reported seeing Lira, the suspect, around 2 a.m. Thursday when he came in to buy an energy drink, the TV station KSBY reported. The clerk said Lira was sweaty, exhausted and mumbling to himself but did not do anything threatening.The events started unfolding around 4 a.m. Wednesday, when Lira fired at police cars as they entered downtown Paso Robles.Two sheriff’s deputies heard gunshots but didn’t see the attacker until they were outside their patrol car and gunfire targeted them. One was hit in the head. His partner fired back and dragged the deputy behind a police car.“We feel that this was an ambush, that he planned it, that he intended for officers to come out of the Police Department and to assault them,” Sheriff Parkinson said.The wounded deputy, Nicholas Dreyfus, 28, had a good prognosis Thursday after surgery.While officers searched for Lira, they received a report of a body near a train station and found a 58-year-old man shot to death on the tracks. He appeared to be a transient who was camping out overnight. It wasn’t immediately clear when he was shot.Associated Press writers John Antczak and Robert Jablon in Los Angeles contributed to this report.Tags :gunmanManhuntMason James Lirasuspectshare on Facebookshare on Twitteradd a commentGyms, museums, hotels, day camps can reopen Friday under Los Angeles County orderWildfires erupt as California sees hot, dry weatherYou Might Also LikeCrimeCRIME WATCHNewsCrime WatchGuest Author2 days agoCrimeFeaturedKnife-wielding woman arrested during L.A. Councilman’s speechGuest Author4 days agoCrimeCRIME WATCHNewsCrime WatchGuest Author6 days agoCrimeFeaturedHomeless man loses an eye to BB gun assaultGuest Author1 week agoCrimeCRIME WATCHNewsCrime WatchGuest Author1 week agoCrimeFeaturedNewsDUI & Possession of a Rifle ArrestsGuest Author1 week agolast_img read more

CBRE hires three VPs for Retail Services Group

first_imgChris RyanMr. Ryan has most recently been Director of Real Estate with TitleMax, Inc. He was responsible for the development and growth of the company’s locations throughout Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico. Prior to this position, he was a broker with De Rito Partners as well. He is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Calif. where he studied business and finance. Greg AbbottMr. Abbott is a twenty-year veteran of the Arizona retail real estate market. He returns to CBRE, where he had three prior years’ experience, after roles with Grubb & Ellis, Strategic Retail Group and De Rito Partners, Inc. He is a graduate of Arizona State University in where he earned a B.S. in marketing. CBRE has hired Vice Presidents Greg Abbott, Bill Bones and Chris Ryan, three tenured, well-respected commercial real estate professionals, to join the firm’s Retail Services Group in Phoenix, Ariz.  They will partner on a team that will deliver integrated, strategic landlord advisory services including the leasing, acquisition and disposition of retail space in the Phoenix metro market. They will also partner with CBRE’s existing, best-in-class, property management team to deliver a cohesive set of property value enhancement services to their clients“Greg, Bill and Chris have established track records and solid reputations in the industry, which makes them an excellent complement to CBRE’s team of best-in-class retail professionals,” said Craig Henig, CBRE’s senior managing director and Arizona market leader.  “Their combined talent and market knowledge add value and strengthen our ability to serve the complex real estate requirements of retail property owners and operators.”Misters Abbott, Bones and Ryan have completed more than 1,200 transactions totaling over 7.25 million sq. ft. Their combined 53 years of experience, vast market knowledge, and individual unique skill sets will ensure CBRE’s retail clients receive the most strategic, personalized and outcome-driven service.center_img Bill BonesMr. Bones comes to CBRE from De Rito Partners. He has spent the last ten years honing his skills of creating and implementing strategic, results-oriented leasing plans for clients. A fourth generation Arizonan, Bill Bones specializes in landlord representation, tenant representation, land sales, and pre-pleasing of new developments in Arizona. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in real estate from the WP Carey School of Business at ASU.last_img read more

College Basketball Preview: UMBC (18-12, 10-5) vs. New Hampshire (4-23, 2-12) on senior day

first_imgJunior guard K.J. Jackson led the Retrievers with 18 points andgraduate student Joe Sherburne checked in with 16 points.  The Retrievers never led in the game, as theSeawolves shot 50% from the field. Tip–off tomorrow is scheduled for 1:00 pm.Please follow and like us: The Retrievers (18-12, 10-5) are coming off a loss at StonyBrook on Wednesday evening, 78-63, in part due to very poor shooting from longdistance.  The Retrievers hit just one ofthe 20 shots from 3-point land.  This wasthe second consecutive loss for the team, both at the hands of New York teamsafter losing at UAlbany last Saturday. The loss eliminates the Retrievers from the America Eastregular season title; however, they will host a quarterfinal game in theconference tournament next weekend. As is tradition, with the game being that last regular season home game, the Retrievers will be celebrating senior day.   Sherburne leads UMBC in points per game, averaging 14.3 withJackson chipping in 12.6.  Though defensehas been a strong suit for the team all season, the last two games it’s failedto show up as they have allowed a total of 162 points. center_img The Retrievers defeated the Wildcats, 59-51, at LundholmGymnasium on January 26th. Senior guard Jordan Reed leads the Wildcats in scoring,coming in at 10.3 points per game. Sophomore guard Josh Hopkins checks in with a ppg average of 9.6.  New Hampshire is 1-6 on the road this seasonin conference games. UMBC men’s basketball will wrap up their regular season on Saturday afternoon at the UMBC Event Center when they square off against the New Hampshire Wildcats. New Hampshire (4-23, 2-12) has struggled all season,especially on offense as they are averaging just 60 points per game.  That being said, they picked up a win onWednesday evening at UAlbany, 62-58. That victory snapped an 11-game losing streak for the Wildcats.last_img read more

The Essential Guide To JavaScript’s Newest Data Type: BigInt

first_img HomeWeb DesignThe Essential Guide To JavaScript’s Newest Data Type: BigInt Posted on 23rd July 2019Web Design FacebookshareTwittertweetGoogle+share Related postsInclusive Components: Book Reviews And Accessibility Resources13th December 2019Should Your Portfolio Site Be A PWA?12th December 2019Building A CSS Layout: Live Stream With Rachel Andrew10th December 2019Struggling To Get A Handle On Traffic Surges10th December 2019How To Design Profitable Sales Funnels On Mobile6th December 2019How To Build A Real-Time Multiplayer Virtual Reality Game (Part 2)5th December 2019 The Essential Guide To JavaScript’s Newest Data Type: BigInt The Essential Guide To JavaScript’s Newest Data Type: BigInt Faraz Kelhini 2019-07-22T14:00:59+02:00 2019-07-23T12:36:09+00:00The BigInt data type aims to enable JavaScript programmers to represent integer values larger than the range supported by the Number data type. The ability to represent integers with arbitrary precision is particularly important when performing mathematical operations on large integers. With BigInt, integer overflow will no longer be an issue.Additionally, you can safely work with high-resolution timestamps, large integer IDs, and more without having to use a workaround. BigInt is currently a stage 3 proposal. Once added to the specification, it will become the second numeric data type in JavaScript, which will bring the total number of supported data types to eight:BooleanNullUndefinedNumberBigIntStringSymbolObjectIn this article, we will take a good look at BigInt and see how it can help overcome the limitations of the Number type in JavaScript.The ProblemThe lack of an explicit integer type in JavaScript is often baffling to programmers coming from other languages. Many programming languages support multiple numeric types such as float, double, integer, and bignum, but that’s not the case with JavaScript. In JavaScript, all numbers are represented in double-precision 64-bit floating-point format as defined by the IEEE 754-2008 standard.Under this standard, very large integers that cannot be exactly represented are automatically rounded. To be precise, the Number type in JavaScript can only safely represent integers between -9007199254740991 (-(253-1)) and 9007199254740991 (253-1). Any integer value that falls out of this range may lose precision.This can be easily examined by executing the following code:console.log(9999999999999999); // → 10000000000000000This integer is larger than the largest number JavaScript can reliably represent with the Number primitive. Therefore, it’s rounded. Unexpected rounding can compromise a program’s reliability and security. Here’s another example:// notice the last digits9007199254740992 === 9007199254740993; // → trueJavaScript provides the Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER constant that allows you to quickly obtain the maximum safe integer in JavaScript. Similarly, you can obtain the minimum safe integer by using the Number.MIN_SAFE_INTEGER constant:const minInt = Number.MIN_SAFE_INTEGER;console.log(minInt); // → -9007199254740991console.log(minInt – 5); // → -9007199254740996// notice how this outputs the same value as aboveconsole.log(minInt – 4); // → -9007199254740996The SolutionAs a workaround to these limitations, some JavaScript developers represent large integers using the String type. The Twitter API, for example, adds a string version of IDs to objects when responding with JSON. Additionally, a number of libraries such as bignumber.js have been developed to make working with large integers easier.With BigInt, applications no longer need a workaround or library to safely represent integers beyond Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER and Number.Min_SAFE_INTEGER. Arithmetic operations on large integers can now be performed in standard JavaScript without risking loss of precision. The added benefit of using a native data type over a third-party library is better run-time performance.To create a BigInt, simply append n to the end of an integer. Compare:console.log(9007199254740995n); // → 9007199254740995nconsole.log(9007199254740995); // → 9007199254740996Alternatively, you can call the BigInt() constructor:BigInt(“9007199254740995”); // → 9007199254740995nBigInt literals can also be written in binary, octal or hexadecimal notation:// binaryconsole.log(0b100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000011n);// → 9007199254740995n// hexconsole.log(0x20000000000003n);// → 9007199254740995n// octalconsole.log(0o400000000000000003n);// → 9007199254740995n// note that legacy octal syntax is not supportedconsole.log(0400000000000000003n);// → SyntaxErrorKeep in mind that you can’t use the strict equality operator to compare a BigInt to a regular number because they are not of the same type:console.log(10n === 10); // → falseconsole.log(typeof 10n); // → bigintconsole.log(typeof 10); // → numberInstead, you can use the equality operator, which performs implicit type conversion before compering its operands:console.log(10n == 10); // → trueAll arithmetic operators can be used on BigInts except for the unary plus (+) operator:10n + 20n; // → 30n10n – 20n; // → -10n+10n; // → TypeError: Cannot convert a BigInt value to a number-10n; // → -10n10n * 20n; // → 200n20n / 10n; // → 2n23n % 10n; // → 3n10n ** 3n; // → 1000nconst x = 10n;++x; // → 11n–x; // → 9nThe reason that the unary plus (+) operator is not supported is that some programs may rely on the invariant that + always produces a Number, or throws an exception. Changing the behavior of + would also break asm.js code.Naturally, when used with BigInt operands, arithmetic operators are expected to return a BigInt value. Therefore, the result of the division (/) operator is automatically rounded down to the nearest integer. For example:25 / 10; // → 2.525n / 10n; // → 2nImplicit Type ConversionBecause implicit type conversion could lose information, mixed operations between BigInts and Numbers are not allowed. When mixing large integers and floating-point numbers, the resulting value may not be accurately representable by BigInt or Number. Consider the following example:(9007199254740992n + 1n) + 0.5The result of this expression is outside of the domain of both BigInt and Number. A Number with a fractional part cannot be accurately converted to a BigInt. And a BigInt larger than 253 cannot be accurately converted to a Number.As a result of this restriction, it’s not possible to perform arithmetic operations with a mix of Number and BigInt operands. You also cannot pass a BigInt to Web APIs and built-in JavaScript functions that expect a Number. Attempting to do so will cause a TypeError:10 + 10n; // → TypeErrorMath.max(2n, 4n, 6n); // → TypeErrorNote that relational operators do not follow this rule, as shown in this example:10n > 5; // → trueIf you want to perform arithmetic computations with BigInt and Number, you first need to determine the domain in which the operation should be done. To do that, simply convert either of the operands by calling Number() or BigInt():BigInt(10) + 10n; // → 20n// or10 + Number(10n); // → 20When encountered in a Boolean context, BigInt is treated similar to Number. In other words, a BigInt is considered a truthy value as long as it’s not 0n:if (5n) { // this code block will be executed}if (0n) { // but this code block won’t}No implicit type conversion occurs when sorting an array of BigInts and Numbers:const arr = [3n, 4, 2, 1n, 0, -1n];arr.sort(); // → [-1n, 0, 1n, 2, 3n, 4]Bitwise operators such as |, &, , and ^ operate on BigInts in a similar way to Numbers. Negative numbers are interpreted as infinite-length two’s complement. Mixed operands are not allowed. Here are some examples:90 | 115; // → 12390n | 115n; // → 123n90n | 115; // → TypeErrorThe BigInt ConstructorAs with other primitive types, a BigInt can be created using a constructor function. The argument passed to BigInt() is automatically converted to a BigInt, if possible:BigInt(“10”); // → 10nBigInt(10); // → 10nBigInt(true); // → 1nData types and values that cannot be converted throw an exception:BigInt(10.2); // → RangeErrorBigInt(null); // → TypeErrorBigInt(“abc”); // → SyntaxErrorYou can directly perform arithmetic operations on a BigInt created using a constructor:BigInt(10) * 10n; // → 100nWhen used as operands of the strict equality operator, BigInts created using a constructor are treated similar to regular ones:BigInt(true) === 1n; // → trueLibrary FunctionsJavaScript provides two library functions for representing BigInt values as signed or unsigned integers:BigInt.asUintN(width, BigInt): wraps a BigInt between 0 and 2width-1BigInt.asIntN(width, BigInt): wraps a BigInt between -2width-1 and 2width-1-1These functions are particularly useful when performing 64-bit arithmetic operations. This way you can stay within the intended range.Browser Support And TranspilingAt the time of this writing, Chrome +67 and Opera +54 fully support the BigInt data type. Unfortunately, Edge and Safari haven’t implemented it yet. Firefox doesn’t support BigInt by default, but it can be enabled by setting javascript.options.bigint to true in about:config. An up-to-date list of supported browsers is available on Can I use….Unluckily, transpiling BigInt is an extremely complicated process, which incurs hefty run-time performance penalty. It’s also impossible to directly polyfill BigInt because the proposal changes the behavior of several existing operators. For now, a better alternative is to use the JSBI library, which is a pure-JavaScript implementation of the BigInt proposal.This library provides an API that behaves exactly the same as the native BigInt. Here’s how you can use JSBI:import JSBI from ‘./jsbi.mjs’;const b1 = JSBI.BigInt(Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER);const b2 = JSBI.BigInt(’10’);const result = JSBI.add(b1, b2);console.log(String(result)); // → ‘9007199254741001’An advantage of using JSBI is that once browser support improves, you won’t need to rewrite your code. Instead, you can automatically compile your JSBI code into native BigInt code by using a babel plugin. Furthermore, the performance of JSBI is on par with native BigInt implementations. You can expect wider browser support for BigInt soon.ConclusionBigInt is a new data type intended for use when integer values are larger than the range supported by the Number data type. This data type allows us to safely perform arithmetic operations on large integers, represent high-resolution timestamps, use large integer IDs, and more without the need to use a library.It’s important to keep in mind that you cannot perform arithmetic operations with a mix of Number and BigInt operands. You’ll need to determine the domain in which the operation should be done by explicitly converting either of the operands. Moreover, for compatibility reasons, you are not allowed to use the unary plus (+) operator on a BigInt.What do you think? Do you find BigInt useful? Let us know in the comments! (dm, yk, il)From our sponsors: The Essential Guide To JavaScript’s Newest Data Type: BigInt The Essential Guide To JavaScript’s Newest Data Type: BigIntYou are here:last_img read more

Intel Core vPro processors = Have More Fun?

first_imgWhile at the recent Symantec Vision and Microsoft Management Summit events, we had a chance to interview IT managers and ecosystem partners and ask them to help with our marketing of Intel Core vPro processors.  Specifically we asked them to fill in the blank to this line: “With Intel® Core™ vPro™ processors, you can secure your PCs, cut you costs and have more (Fill in the blank).” Watch the video to see what they said.last_img

Azkals off to Kathmandu

first_imgView comments Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ Malditas save PH from shutout “This will be as good as any chance for us to qualify,” Azkals skipper Phil Younghusband told the Inquirer. “We were so close in 2014 and for some of the players, it was one of their biggest disappointments. But now we have another chance.”The Azkals will be returning to a country where it has already achieved success, having reached the semifinals of the AFC Challenge Cup for the first time in 2012 in the Nepalese capital.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSBoxers Pacquiao, Petecio torchbearers for SEA Games opening Make a new boxing star shine here After 30 years, Johnlu Koa still doing ‘hard-to-make’ quality breads Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Palace: Robredo back to ‘groping with a blind vision’ MRT 7 on track for partial opening in 2021 MOST READ The Philippine Azkals left for the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu early Wednesday with the goal of qualifying for the AFC Asian Cup for the first time when the continental showpiece event is played in the United Arab Emirates in 2019.Held to back-to-back draws by Yemen in the last two qualifying matches, the Azkals hope to finally nail the Asian Cup berth with a win over Nepal on Nov. 14 at ANFA Stadium in Kathmandu.ADVERTISEMENT Hotel says PH coach apologized for ‘kikiam for breakfast’ claim ‘A complete lie:’ Drilon refutes ‘blabbermouth’ Salo’s claims LATEST STORIES Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. The Fatted Calf and Ayutthaya: New restos worth the drive to Tagaytaylast_img read more

TSX Toronto Stock Exchange 1339540

first_img TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) 13.395.40 13,440.61 12,202.85 Gold Producers (GDX) 22.28 25.78 48.04 Copper 3.19 3.28 3.59 Gold 1,252.10 1,345.50 1,729.50 Rock & Stock Stats Last Dear Reader, We’ve focused a great deal on gold over the years, and we’ve taken a lot of heat in the last two, during which the price of gold has dropped by a third. Are we fanatics refusing to face reality, or are we doing the right thing, staying the course through thick and thin? BIG GOLD’s Jeff Clark has a well-reasoned answer for us below. I hope all our readers take his message to heart. Sincerely, Silver Stocks (SIL) 11.65 13.32 23.03 Silver 20.03 22.49 34.35last_img