Quote From A Disney Dad – Pongo

first_imgShare This!Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16. (You remembered to get Dad a gift, right?) All this week we’ll be featuring advice, observations, and words of wisdom from some of our favorite Disney Dads. Up today is Pongo, the patriarch of the 101 Dalmatians clan.“As far as I could see, the old notion that a bachelor’s life was so glamorous and carefree was all nonsense. It was downright dull.” – PongoWho are your favorite Disney dads? Have you learned any fatherly wisdom from a Disney dad? Let us know in the comments.last_img

Cloud Computing: A Fast Ticket to Data Silo Sprawl (DSS)?

first_imgA recent survey from ScienceLogic found that a majority of IT executives expect that cloud computing will reduce the number of their company data silos.  Only 17 percent worried that cloud computing will actually increase the number of islands of isolated data repositories within their organization.  That may be wishful thinking.With the current state of cloud computing, silo-ing information has never been easier.  Now in addition to silo-ed information residing in on-premise applications and repositories, the rapid setup, roll-out and provisioning of  cloud-based locations makes it even easier to create new silos of information — now residing external to the organization.  The low cost of cloud computing applications is actually complicating the problem because it allows and almost encourages line-of-business managers to by-pass their lumbering IT groups and get almost instant access to cloud-based applications.  The result is that some organizations are creating very complex patch-works of internal and external applications, and any attempt to unify data across the different repositories has become more difficult than ever before.David Linthicum in an InfoWorld blog commented on the problem saying that “siloization counters any efficiencies gained through the use of better-virtualized and sharable infrastructure, as provided by public and private clouds. Indeed, in many instances the use of cloud computing actually makes things worse.”  Linthicum advocates strongly studing your data and processes before building out any new applications to avoid data silo sprawl (DSS) — good advice, but probably easier said than done.A report from Appirio found that 75 percent of organizations rate cloud computing as a top priority, but only 4 percent of organizations with cloud-based application have actually tried to integrate cloud-based data.  Part of the problem is that many SaaS-based applications don’t offer good APIs or tools for data integration — something which is bound to improve going forward, but which is still clearly a weak point with cloud applications.An InformationWeek survey found that while companies using cloud-based applications love the ease of deployment and use, most are challenged when trying to integrate or access the data created by the cloud applications.  Michael Biddick, author of the survey report, comments that “you’d think IT teams would have learned their lesson, given our sad history with siloed data sets and today’s identity management and user access requirements.”The InformationWeek article outline side effects of cloud computing and data silo sprawl:SaaS/Cloud apps often lack integration with centralized identity management, making it difficult to consistently control access to dataReporting across multiple repositories is difficult, especially for compliance, often requiring the aggregation and reformatting of reports made with the different systemsBusiness Analytics and Business Intelligence by definition requires a complete data set to analyze — siloed data works against this goalIntegration with Business Process Management (BPM) in a similar way cannot easily flow between data siloed in multiple applicationsSiloed data makes security and governance more difficultlast_img read more

EA Buys Chillingo, Publishers of Angry Birds (Angry Birds Not Included)

first_imgaudrey watters When news hit the wire this morning that Electronic Arts had purchased Chillingo, the publisher of the phenomenally successful Angry Birds game for an estimated $20 million, it seemed like the video game giant had made a really great acquisition for a steal. After all, the iPhone version alone of the Angry Birds game has sold over 6.5 million copies since December. Many of the reports of EA’s purchase of Chillingo were framed in terms of their gaining that Angry Birds Golden Egg (pun intended).But Rovio Mobile, the makers of Angry Birds quickly took to Twitter to correct the shock and surprise, asserting that it did not sell to EA and that it retains full control of the rights to Angry Bird. And in an interview with Techcrunch’s Alexia Tsotsis, Rovio clarified that it had only teamed with Chillingo to publish the first iPhone/iPad integration and “will not use Chillingo again.”If EA doesn’t get Angry Birds, then that $20 million seems strange for other reasons. Chillingo publishes a number of other titles from other third-party developers, including Cut the Rope. Chillingo also has a game developer platform, Crystal. As Industry Changes, Video Game Makers Turn to Social GamingAccording to an EA spokeswoman, “By acquiring Chillingo, EA Mobile is increasing its market leadership on the Apple platform as well as reaffirming its position as the world’s leading wireless entertainment publisher.” To “reaffirm its position,” EA has invested a lot of money lately in the growing social games market, buying Playfish in late 2009 for a cool $275 million. And the company clearly hopes this will position it well in this growing gaming sector – not just with the development of new social games but by utilizing their social networks to increase interest in other titles. EA of course continues to release its traditional games, including Madden NFL, The Sims, and Medal of Honor. EA did see profits of $96 million in the first quarter of this year, after posting a loss this time last year of $234 million, helped in part by an increase in social gaming revenue. 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People… Related Posts Tags:#gaming#news#NYT#web center_img 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App 9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex…last_img read more

QR Card Us Responds to Feedback, Liberates Your Contact Info

first_imgWhat it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … jon mitchell Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Related Posts Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementcenter_img Tags:#business#mobile#web St. Louis-based mother-son team Spearhead Development has updated its QR Card Us product in response to customer feedback, cranking out a new iteration in just one week. We covered the launch of the mobile Web-powered business card provider on August 18.The new version of QR Card Us separates the QR link itself from the ‘hard card,’ or physical business card, so that customers can buy standalone QR Cards – mobile-friendly Web pages from which contact info can be saved – without worrying about their physical cards becoming outdated. It also adds Organizations, which allow a moderator to manage QR Cards for a company, club or any kind of group. Finally, the update adds Notes, which lets users attach any kind of text note about a new contact to their saved info. An annual $15 fee provides ongoing support for the QR Card, which can be updated anytime, to which the QR code is a permanent link. Buying a standalone QR Card allows customers to put their code wherever they want, such as their own branded materials. Customers can also purchase ‘hard cards,’ or physical business cards, for a one-time printing fee, alongside the $15 annual charge for the Web-based card. Customers can order new hard cards without affecting the subscription for the Web card. While QR Card Us provides color, layout and typography choices for both the physical and Web cards, many prospective customers requested more control over their own brand. Thanks to the power of Web-based communication, the flexibility of the small team and the online core of QR Card Us, Spearhead Dev was able to iterate quickly to respond to these concerns within a week.To learn more about QR Card Us, check out our initial post, in which 19-year-old co-founder Michael Schade describes his vision of “making technology accessible for everyone.” Also make sure to visit their website at qrcard.us.We’ve also covered lots of different ways mobile Web technologies have been applied to business and personal networking, which you can explore here.Have you ever used a mobile business card reader for networking? Tell us about it in the comments. The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technologylast_img read more

Three Reasons Why Top Cloud Service Providers Could Not Wait to Deploy Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

first_imgOver the last few years, innovations by the cloud giants have disrupted many traditional industries. Amazon and Alibaba changed the way we shop, Netflix and YouTube brought us new ways to consume video, and WeChat and Facebook revolutionized how we connect and communicate with our friends and families.The agile, elastic, and highly efficient cloud infrastructure is one of the key pillars of innovation these cloud giants are delivering. As a result, they have become the “North Stars” of efficient service delivery and data center architecture. Organizations look to Google, Facebook and others for cloud and data center infrastructure best practices when they set out to build their own to support their innovations and business transformation.So what are these top cloud service providers (CSPs) doing to modernize their cloud infrastructure now?They were eager to get their hands on the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processorsOpens in a new window as soon as possible. I couldn’t be more excited to see them deploy Xeon® Scalable, modernize their infrastructure, and create new, differentiated services. More than 500,000 Xeon® Scalable processors have already shipped to over 30 customers, many of them CSPs. Based on my conversations with them, here are three top reasons CSPs are so thrilled about Xeon® Scalable.1) Disruptive performance efficiency across cloud workloadsFor CSPs, the math is pretty simple when it comes to profitable growth of their business. Because they sell computing as a service, price performance of their infrastructure, often measured with performance/total cost of ownership (TCO) dictates how efficiently they can generate profits from their services. When a new breed of processor such as Xeon® Scalable offers a performance boost that overwhelms the cost of upgrading, and a 65% lower TCO in a typical virtualization deployment scenario compared to a 4-year-old server**, CSPs jump on it.Google launched Xeon® Scalable-based cloud instances on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in February of this year and made the instance generally availableOpens in a new window on May 31. Bart Sano, Google’s Vice President of Platforms, told us that GCP customers running applications such as bioinformatics, machine learning on satellite imagery and finance simulation and report up to 40% improvement in many cases compared to the previous platforms. In some cases, where the customers tuned their software for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512), they saw more than 100% improvement.Amazon Web Services, announced its new C5 instanceOpens in a new window last fall and called it the most powerful compute optimized instance and the best price to compute performance in EC2. This summer, Dr. Matt Wood, Amazon’s General Manager of Artificial Intelligence and an iconic figure in the AI space, stated that the computational power of the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor lets AWS customers use more data, to create innovative new products and experiences powered by machine learning, increasing machine learning inference performance by over 100 times.2) Enable differentiated services to expand into new marketsNew and emerging use cases such as AI, autonomous driving, personalized medicine, media and graphics, and gaming present opportunities for CSPs to innovate and monetize new user experiences. The workloads supporting these new services are normally compute or data intensive, and traditionally run on purpose-built hardware clusters. With the workload-optimized performance and acceleration Xeon® Scalable Platform brings, it is now feasible to offer these services in the cloudFirst, the high-performing cores of Xeon® Scalable can unearth new opportunities. Features such as Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) can accelerate performance by a factor of up to 2x over the previous generation of a range of compute-intensive applications, including security/crypto/compression, visualization, in-memory databases, deep learning, and modeling and simulation in HPC. 1Genomic sequencing and analysis used to mainly run on supercomputers, making is challenging for researchers worldwide to access and share resources.  Seven Bridges, a biotech startup, now provides a biomedical data analysis platform as a differentiated service in healthcare vertical on Google’s GCP to accelerate cancer diagnosis and precision treatment. With another 1.8X performance boost on Xeon® Scalable instance, Seven Bridges CEO Dr. Brandi Davis-Dusenbery believes its customers “will benefit from significant efficiencies and can use more of the world’s biomedical data to accelerate discoveries and improve health.” 2In addition, Xeon® Scalable goes beyond a processor, it is a flexible platform that can integrate with accelerators programmed to optimize the performance of emerging workloads, enabling a slew of new possibilities. Accelerators like Intel® FPGA give the cloud the speed, predictability, and energy efficiency along with easy customizability to take on emerging workloads such as AI, HPC, advanced analytics, and IoT, while the Intel® NervanaTM suite of products can accelerate AI training.Microsoft Azure based its Configurable Cloud on Intel® Xeon® and Intel® FPGA to achieve a degree of flexibility and performance that makes it much easier to create new cloud services to meet the emerging demands AI and analytics that are powering the next generation of enterprises. Kushagra Vaid, GM of Azure Hardware Infrastructure, Microsoft’s Azure Platform, also anticipates that Intel accelerators, such as Intel® FPGA, Intel® Xeon PhiTM and Intel® NervanaTM all will play a key role in this next generation of infrastructure to help the application developers be more productive in creating new services and new user experiences.3) Joint drive toward cloud innovation The workloads that the CSPs run on top of Intel® architecture are different, and the cloud services they create are diversified, but there is one thing in common among the feedback we got from the top CSPs. Every CSP collaborated with Intel one way or another to jointly drive new innovations in the cloud space. For some CSPs, such as Amazon and Google, the collaborative engineering efforts extend back a decade ago. From virtualization to containers, from a relational database to NoSQL, big data, AI and machine learning, Intel has been on the forefront of cloud computing and collaborating with CSPs to drive cloud innovations for years to make sure cloud workloads run best on Intel Architecture – faster, more efficient and more secure.More than 25 CSPs showcased their cloud services based on Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors at our launch last month, and it is not too late to check them out. Visit our Xeon® Scalable portalOpens in a new window to find out how some of the most successful CSPs are putting Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to work. 1 Up to 2X flops per cycle: when compared with Intel® AVX2 available on previous E5/E7 v3, v4 families2 1.8X faster than previous generation: when comparing Seven Bridges Graph Suite’s end-to-end whole genome processing pipeline running over Xeon® Scalable processor based GCP instances to previous E5-based GCP instances.Software and workloads used in performance tests may have been optimized for performance only on Intel microprocessors. Performance tests, such as SYSmark and MobileMark, are measured using specific computer systems, components, software, operations, and functions. Any change to any of those factors may cause the results to vary. You should consult other information and performance tests to assist you in fully evaluating your contemplated purchases, including the performance of that product when combined with other products.   For more complete information visit http://www.intel.com/performanceOpens in a new window.** Up to 65% lower 4-year TCO estimate example based on equivalent rack performance using VMware ESXi virtualized consolidation workload comparing 20 installed 2-socket servers with Intel Xeon processor E5-2690 (formerly “Sandy Bridge-EP”) running VMware ESXi 6.0 GA using Guest OS RHEL6.4 compared at a total cost of $919,362 to 5 new Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8180 (Skylake) running VMware ESXi6.0 U3 GA using Guest OS RHEL 6 64bit at a total cost of $320,879 including basic acquisition.  Server pricing assumptions based on current OEM retail published pricing for 2-socket server with Broadwell based Intel Xeon processor systems– subject to change based on actual pricing of systems offered.last_img read more

HP’s Pavilion Notebook with scratch free black cover

first_imgHP Pavilion Notebook Rs 58,000The notebook’s imprint finish of high gloss resin sports a unique wave pattern and keeps the black cover scratch free.It comes loaded with a 1.3 megapixel webcam over 14.1-inch hi-definition display. You can play CDs without booting up the computer.Direct access to the DVD drive is,HP Pavilion Notebook Rs 58,000The notebook’s imprint finish of high gloss resin sports a unique wave pattern and keeps the black cover scratch free.It comes loaded with a 1.3 megapixel webcam over 14.1-inch hi-definition display. You can play CDs without booting up the computer.Direct access to the DVD drive is through the ‘Quickplay’ buttons. Graze over the buttons even in the dark, shuffle through songs like an MP3 player and control the volume without going into the media player.last_img read more

Lionel Messi plays like he is in a video game, says tennis star Victoria Azarenka

first_imgTennis star Victoria Azarenka heaped praise on Argentina football captain Lionel Messi, insisting that the Barcelona star plays like he is in a video game.Messi netted two for Argentina in a 7-0 win over Bolivia in a friendly in Houston on Saturday.The 26-year-old Belarusian, who has reached the women’s singles quarter-finals of the US Open with a win over Varvara Lepchenko, hailed the Barcelona star’s abilities as “unthinkable” and said she looks out for his games in her free time.Also read: Azarenka tops Lepchenko to reach US Open quarters  “Seeing Messi play is like watching a video game. It’s really something exciting. I couldn’t watch the game against Bolivia because of the time difference and because I’m a little busy these days, but I will look for him because he’s just amazing,” Azarenka was quoted as saying by goal.com on Monday.Azarenka was floored by Messi’s ability to display magic with the ball.”What Messi does on a football field is simply unthinkable. I had the pleasure of seeing him at the stadium once in Barcelona and, for me, he is amazing. The way he walks from side to side, and once he sees an opportunity, he simply creates magic,” the 26-year-old said.”Footballers play with their feet. I wouldn’t say that I am as good with my hands as he is with his feet, but I’m trying.”last_img read more

Volumes Continue Rising at Cosco Shipping Ports

first_imgzoom Although total throughput recorded by China-based Cosco Shipping Ports Limited increased during the first six months of 2017, the company’s gross profit for the period was down.For the six months ended June 30, 2017, Cosco Shipping Ports’ throughput was up by 11.8% to 41.78 million TEU from 37.35 million TEU handled in the first half of 2016, while throughput of bulk cargo stood at 41.59 million tons, rising by 0.4% from 41.42 million tons.In the same period, the company’s gross profit dropped by 8.2% to USD 98.5 million from USD 107.3 million reported in the corresponding half of 2016.While revenue increased by 0.3% to USD 275.7 million from USD 274.9 million, the group’s operating profit for the period surged to USD 385.5 million from USD 69.8 million reported a year earlier.Profit from terminal companies in which the group has controlling stakes was mainly attributable to Piraeus Container Terminal in Greece and Guangzhou South China Oceangate Terminal.Piraeus Terminal recorded a profit of USD 10.84 million in the first half of 2017, down by 39.4% from (1H2016: USD 17.9 million reported in the corresponding period last year. The decrease in profit was mainly attributable to completion of construction of the eastern part of Pier 3 of Piraeus Terminal at the end of September 2016, as well as commencement of operation of the phase I of western part of Pier 3 of Piraeus Terminal in August last year.During the period, the throughput of Guangzhou South China Oceangate Terminal grew by 6.7% compared with the corresponding period last year. However, due to higher dredging costs and the impact of change in RMB exchange rate during the period, Guangzhou South China Oceangate Terminal recorded a profit of USD 7.72 million in the first half, down from USD 8 million seen in the first six months of 2016.last_img read more

World Wetlands Day in TCI took students on Caravan of North Middle

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp #MagneticMediaNews #WorldWetlandsDayTCI Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #WorldWetlandsDayTCIcenter_img Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppNorth Caicos, TCI, February 3, 2017 – Yesterday was World Wetlands Day and the occasion was marked in the TCI with a caravan led by the Turks and Caicos National Trust.  The Trust said the caravan was aimed at raising awareness on the importance of wetlands which are integral to Turks & Caicos ecology.The caravan journeyed to North and Middle Caicos where primary schoolers were on a field visit of the different wetlands including Major Hill Creek and Flamingo Pond.  The caravan was a bus tour; students were hopping on and off and the Trust said they would even add some bird watching to the adventure.There are many reasons cited for the importance of wetlands, and recently, DECR Director Dr. John Claydon explained that even in a tsunami these habitats play a role.  The Trust reiterated that message to students and Jonathan Sayao, Education Programme Manager of the National Trust shared that this year’s celebration theme is“Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction” .Sayao added, “We’re trying to get the young people to understand that the wetlands are of national significance, They’re living in an area that is so blessed with natural resources and these should be preserved for them – the future generation.”last_img read more

New Collaboration Expands Availability of Gastrointestinal Healthcare

first_img Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, April 13, 2017 – Nassau – Comprehensive gastrointestinal services are now available at Family Medicine Center clinic on Blake Road, as a result of a new collaboration with The Centre for Digestive Health.Through the new working arrangement, Dr. Harold Munnings and Dr. Flloyd Carter of The Centre for Digestive Health are able to make their services more accessible to people on the western side of New Providence. Specialist consultations, colonoscopy and other services are available.  “This collaboration brings significant benefits to patients,” said Dr. Graham Cates, medical practitioner and founder of Family Medicine Center.   “We are pleased to work with the Centre for Digestive Health, a medical operation that offers high quality, patient-centered care. Dr. Munnings shares our vision for comprehensive healthcare. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with him, Dr. Carter, and their skilled medical team, to expand our services and provide the best care possible for patients.”Robert Green, was the first person to receive healthcare services under the new collaboration, undergoing a routine colonoscopy last week. Mr. Green, a regular patient at FMC, was happy to see the new services come available at the medical facility located on Blake Road.   “The Family Medicine Center out west where they performed the procedure was very convenient and I did not have to deal with the downtown traffic or parking. It was also very close (two blocks) from where I live,” said Mr. Green.“This is the second colonoscopy I’ve had in the last 12 years with the first in Dallas, Texas. This colonoscopy went very smooth! The preparation prior to the procedure went just as planned. The morning of the procedure was great, I showed up at 10am.  Once called, we went upstairs so Nurse Cooper could get me ready for Dr. Munnings. It was painless and fast.  After a few minutes I fell asleep, then woke up thinking I was still waiting for the procedure until I saw the clock and realized that they had finished.  After a few more checks I was cleared to go home and I felt great!”Both Family Medicine Center and the Centre for Digestive Health are innovative leading medical operations.   “Dr. Graham Cates is a fine doctor and a visionary, who is moving to fill a crying need for high quality and comprehensive medical services in western New Providence,” said Dr. Harold Munnings, Gastroenterologist and founder of The Centre for Digestive Health.   “The Family Medicine Center, which he operates, is one of the the finest medical facilities in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Dr. Carter and I are happy to join the team and make our specialist services available at this location”.Family Medicine Center was founded with a focus on a whole-life approach to healthcare, specialising in physical, mental and emotional well-being – offering the only full health and wellness service that integrates wellness education with medical support such as labs, medication, nursing and psychology.   The Centre for Digestive Health has been a leader in gastroenterology in The Bahamas since 1997, providing expert consultation, evaluation and treatment in all aspects of gastrointestinal, pancreatic and liver disease in both adults and children.The collaboration between Family Medicine Center and the Centre For Digestive Health is reflective of both organisations’ commitment to improve patient care.   For more information visit: www.familymedicinecenter.org and www.digestivehealthbahamas.com. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more